¿What is San Jerónimo?

A 47,000 acres land reserve, with the characteristics of a new city, under a new urban development model that is conceived as a project with binational impact, located on the U.S.-Mexico border, giving rise to an unparalleled development hub, given its geographic location and size.

This innovative model sets the foundation for the Sustainable Development of a new Mexican city, seeking an economic, social and environmental balance for those who do business and live there, allowing for greater productivity.

Unique Geographic Location


Due to its  strategic location, the project is positioned for global business connections, providing business opportunities mostly aimed at serving one of the largest markets in the world.

Having been conceived as a sustainable platform for development, fostering industrial activity, job creation and attracting residents in an environmental setting, it allows the creation of diverse business connections.

  • At the center of the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • Covering the demands of the largest market in the world (U.S.).
  • 11 kilometers of border with New Mexico, U.S.A.

Great Land Reserve


First Stage

Industrial Development 2223Acres
Commercial Development 741Acres
Housing Development 2965Acres
Services and equipment 593Acres
Industrial with FFCC 518Acres
Roads 667Acres
Green areas 939Acres
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Enough land for long-term growth and under the control of a single entity, ensuring orderly development.

Worldwide Planning and Urbanism Standards

The Design Standards Platform for San Jeronimo, for Industrial, Commercial, Housing and Green Area Development, is based on international Smart Growth new urbanism concepts and can be adapted to new trends in development and technology.

Easy Access to Global Trade

Easy access to the global market, due to connectivity with the main U.S. seaports, such as Long Beach and Galveston, and Mazatlan and Guaymas in Mexico. It is also close to 3 international airports and intermodal stations.


A Platform to Develop New Technologies

 Focused on Sustainability and Energy Savings.
  • An energy efficient city.
  • Ideal location for High Technology Centers and Laboratories.
  • Plaftorm for Advanced Health Centers.
  • Spaces for Large Commercial Complexes.
  • Traffic System Roads.
  • Industrial Areas designed to manufacture equipment and manage renewable energies..
  • Urban zones suitable for installing and testing new technologies for the efficient use of resources.
  • Housing zones planned for harmonious co-existence.
  • State-of-the-art technology to maximize communications and entertainment.

Therefore, San Jeronimo is a 100%-sustainable city, proving to be the most interesting city in the Americas.

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Santa Teresa in line for new port of entry

LAS CRUCES >> The plan to build a rail bypass and a rail border crossing between Santa Teresa and San Jerónimo is moving forward. The New Mexico Border Authority has issued a call for proposals, including design, environmental impact information and preparation of permit applications.  mas…

Plan for border rail bypass construction moves forward

The plan to build a rail bypass and a rail border crossing between Santa Teresa and San Jerónimo entered a new phase in New Mexico, where last Sunday a tender for the feasibility study to seek a presidential permit to develop the binational project was published.  mas…

Union Pacific CEO: Santa Teresa is future of company

 Watch video

Union Pacific unveils $400M Santa Teresa rail facility

The facility includes one of Union Pacific’s largest fueling facilities and the railroads’s largest intermodal freight terminal along the U.S.-Mexico border. The 300-acre, high-tech intermodal terminal opened April 1 and is expected to process more than 170,000 freight containers this year, and many more in the future, from West Coast ship ports and inland terminals in Chicago and other metro areas.  more…

UP’s New Mexico Hub Expands Shippers’ Cross-Border Options

SANTA TERESA, N.M. — There’s not much out here other than roads, warehouses and cacti — and now a sprawling Union Pacific Railway intermodal terminal and fueling station. Secluded as it is, what happens at this $400 million facility in a desert framed by mountains ripples through UP’s 32,000-mile U.S. network and taps into one of the largest trends in transportation rail: domestic rail growth.  more…

UP’s New Mexico Hub Expands Shippers’ Cross-Border Options

The border crossing got a big boost in 2009 when Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn began operations adjacent to the border on the Mexican side in San Jeronimo. Some 5,700 workers at the 1.6 million-square-foot Foxconn factory complex produce Dell computers for U.S. consumers. Logistics provider RR Donnelly & Sons operates a plant adjacent to the Foxconn complex.
Foxconn, which has two other plants in Juarez, one of which builds Hewlett-Packard computers, will open a third factory in San Jeronimo, boosting the complex’s work force to 9,700 and increasing truck traffic serving production lines from 200 daily to 300, Francisco Uranga, vice president and chief operations for Latin America, told the Albuquerque Journal News.

Santa Teresa’s time has come

New Mexico exports south of the border have surpassed $800 million. Santa Teresa has become a bustling center of industrial activity that’s home to 60 trade-related businesses, nearly 2,500 employees and the largest Union Pacific Railroad transshipment center along the entire Mexican border.  more…

Mexico’s maquila boom extends across the border

As Mexico’s maquilas expand, prospects are good for capturing a lot more business in southern New Mexico. That’s because the New Mexico and Chihuahua state governments are working together to build needed infrastructure to turn the Santa Teresa-San Jerónimo crossing into a major binational land port.  more…

Boom on the border: NM, El Paso battle for business

“This is truly a region with a high potential,” said Garrey Carruthers, former New Mexico governor and president of New Mexico State University. “It just has a couple of complications: two countries, three states, some of us speak two languages, some of us don’t. The restraints and constraints that are created by the public sector oftentimes inhibit regional development.  more…

Santa Teresa is catching fire

Editor’s note: For the first time in decades, Mexico’s maquila industry is smashing the competition in China and other Asian nations as investors relocate their overseas factories closer to U.S. markets. And that is creating huge opportunities for business development along the New Mexico-Mexico border. Today, in part two of a four-part series, the Journal looks at the mushrooming development at Santa Teresa. Go to today’s Business Outlook for part three about Mexico’s maquila explosion, which is fueling the growth in New Mexico.  more…

Infrastructure crisis building along U.S.-Mexico border

SANTA TERESA – The Santa Teresa industrial zone in southern New Mexico may be the victim of its own success as infrastructure there reaches a choke point.  more…